"You are creating your reality and reality is creating you." Nassim Haramein

"To remember who you are, you first need to forget, who they told you to be."

"As above, so below. As within, so without." Hermes Trismegistos, Thoth

"When you are in your Heart, nothing needs to be done to bring change. It will happen automaticaly" Drunvalo Melchizedek

»Shaman is the one who Sees and Knows life perfect as it is.« Shamanic Heart Healing

"There is only one soul in the universe. And it is you and it is me."

Awakening the illuminated heart
Presented through LU KA
a licensed teacher of School of Remembering
(Drunvalo Melchizedek)
  • 22.2.
    4-day workshop - Awakening the Illuminated Heart - Hong Kong - English / Cantonese more >
  • 1.3.
    Shamanic Heart Healing - Level 1 & 2 - Hong Kong more >
  • 8.3.
    4-day workshop - Awakening the Illuminated Heart - Beijing CHINA more >
  • 15.3.
    Shamanic Heart Healing - Level 1 & 2 - Beijing CHINA more >

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Practitioners list

Dear researcher of the Universe,

Bellow you will find a list of all SHH students, who have completed the workshop AND the home practice assignmenets. Also individuals who have stated they do not want to be published have been omitted.

The list doesn't guarantee any quality of service of practitioners, but just informs that the person finished the workshop, practical requirements and have received the certificate.

It also doesn't limit a person to do only the SHH session. SHH practices can be incorporated into other healing modalities. There is also no set price or timeframe for the therapy session.

Name Email Country Certification status
Kresimir Glavan kresimir.glavan@gmail.com Croatia Level 3
Marko Mihetec marko.mihetec@gmail.com Croatia Level 3
Suncica Dolusic dolusicsun@gmail.com Croatia Level 3
Zdenka Pavalic zdenka.pavalic@gmail.com Croatia Level 3
Annesa Leung annesaleunglee@gmail.com Hong Kong Level 3
Bernadette Leung leungtiti@gmail.com Hong Kong Level 3
Eva Chan eva@innerspacehk.com Hong Kong Level 3
Helene Yu helene_yu2@yahoo.com.hk Hong Kong Level 3
Louise Pang louisehspang@gmail.com Hong Kong Level 3
Milke Cheung milke0_0@hotmail.com Hong Kong Level 3
Ming Chow kathymila@gmail.com Hong Kong Level 3
Mitzi Wong mascottechows@gmail.com Hong Kong Level 3
Philipa Lau philipalau@hotmail.com Hong Kong Level 3
Phillis Chan liz_queen168@yahoo.com Hong Kong Level 3
Aleksandra Zalokar landrasate@gmail.com Slovenia Level 3
Barbara Weber Kaluđerovic barbara.wk@gmail.com Slovenia Level 3
Bojan Klancnik bojankl@yahoo.com Slovenia Level 3
Bostjan Grum bostjan.murg@gmail.com Slovenia Level 3
Darija Huzimec darija.huzimec@gmail.com Slovenia Level 3
Gabrijel Serjak  gserjak@gmail.com Slovenia Level 3
Gordana Lesjak gordana@klea.si Slovenia Level 3
Janja Gregorin Ravnikar janja.gregorin@gmail.com Slovenia Level 3
Ksenija Skok  skokica13@gmail.com Slovenia Level 3
Marija Kosir marija.sonce@gmail.com Slovenia Level 3
Marjan Hasaj (Mac) Vsesorte@gmail.com Slovenia Level 3
Mateya Triglav mateya.triglav@gmail.com Slovenia Level 3
Nusa Ema Miklavec nusa.miklavec@gmail.com Slovenia Level 3
Peter Vukovic vukovicpeter@gmail.com Slovenia Level 3
Petra Poje petra.kordis@yahoo.com Slovenia Level 3
Slavica Kamnik  slavicakamnik@gmail.com Slovenia Level 3
Urska Trampus  urskatrampus@gmail.com Slovenia Level 3
Vesna Recnik Sisko vesni@yahoo.com Slovenia Level 3
Claire Tang feelingdays@foxmail.com China Level 2
光能~梁熙崚 1980992653@qq.com China Level 2
凯心 765655728@qq.com China Level 2
周广艳 Teresa 120313252@qq.com China Level 2
姚风春 sophia_788@163.com China Level 2
张菁 (花罗罗)OLIVIA soyolivia@vip.sina.com China Level 2
邹斌 82100546@qq.com China Level 2
郑沙沙 851690259@qq.com China Level 2
陈涵之  (Steven Chenhanzhi) 2472443511@qq.com China Level 2
Ana Rosic anarosic@vip.hr Croatia Level 2
Branka Kovac branka103@gmail.com Croatia Level 2
Danica Dileo danica.dileo@gmail.com Croatia Level 2
Goran  Jurcevic gjurcevic@gmail.com Croatia Level 2
Tihana Skrinjaric-Gavrin tihanskri@gmail.com Croatia Level 2
Tina Varat tina.varat@gmail.com Croatia Level 2
Andy Lam andy@innerspacehk.com Hong Kong Level 2
Au Kin Ying (Nicole) smileau@gmail.com Hong Kong Level 2
Cheng On Lei rakudare@gmail.com Hong Kong Level 2
Darja Gojkošek darjagojkosek@gmail.com Hong Kong Level 2
Ginny Lo ginnyquiroz@gmail.com Hong Kong Level 2
Harina Lo harinalo@gmail.com Hong Kong Level 2
Hatty Chu hc11c@yahoo.com.hk Hong Kong Level 2
Heidy Ho qibiqibi@yahoo.com.hk Hong Kong Level 2
Iima Li ririkali@yahoo.com.hk Hong Kong Level 2
Janice Chan janice1210@gmail.com Hong Kong Level 2
Jessica Lai jessicaloveyoga@gmail.com Hong Kong Level 2
Kate Yeung kateyeungkate@yahoo.com.hk Hong Kong Level 2
Kung Hiu Ming (Rebecca) khmrebecca@yahoo.com Hong Kong Level 2
Linda Ordonez italynda197@hotmail.com Hong Kong Level 2
Vicky Lam ar_sze0904@yahoo.com.hk Hong Kong Level 2
Xander Lai alexandre8653@gmail.com Hong Kong Level 2
Zephyr Ma mayikhin@yahoo.com.hk Hong Kong Level 2
Elena Antonovska Edizer elena.antonovska@luxintegra.mk Macedonia Level 2
Marko Stefanovski marko.stefanovski87@gmail.com Macedonia Level 2
Alenka Duhanic  duhanicalenka@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Alenka Sedonja alenka2803@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Andreja Jencek andreja.jencek@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Andreja Sesko Stern zumba.andreja@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Andrejka Poje  joze.andrejka@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Damijana Remec damijana.remec@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Denis Forte denis.forte@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Elizabeta Savron elizabeta.savron@siol.net Slovenia Level 2
Goran Mandzuka goran.mandzuka@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Gregor Murko  gregor.murko@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Hejdi Martinsek hejdi87@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Helena Simcic helena.simcic@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Indira Huzejrovic indira.incy@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Irena Serjak  irena.serjak@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Janja Sesek janja.sesek@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Joze Poje jpoje12@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Jutta Bohar jutta_anita@hotmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Katarina Krc katarina.krc@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Katarina Setinc katarina.setinc@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Klavdija Baja klavdija.mak@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Maja Fabjan majafabjan83@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Maja Vozelj maja.vozelj@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Masa Ponikvar  masav.ponikvar@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Miha Kordis miha.kordis@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Mirjana Klodic mirjana.klodic@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Neja Sekolonik  neja@esencavesolja.si Slovenia Level 2
Neva Leposa lepsa.neva@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Nina Cestnik nina.cestnik1@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Stefan Balazic 7stefanbalazic@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Timotej Trinko timotej.trinko@gmail.com Slovenia Level 2
Tina Vesenjak  Tina.Vesenjak@sodo.si Slovenia Level 2
Brigitte Saladin brigitte.saladin@bluewin.ch Switzerland Level 2
Frank Hitzemann frank.hitzemann@yahoo.com Switzerland Level 2
Angela Kusma virkku_frits@hotmail.com Finland Level 1
Elena Ng elenatung@gmail.com Hong Kong Level 1
Tina Orel  INFO@TINTHAI.SI Slovenia Level 1