“One of my teachers told me that if you want to do shamanic work you first need to overcome the view of two eyes and start to look through your single eye of the Heart.

I have learned that whatever we are doing from the vibration of our Sacred space of our Hearts it will work. And whatever we do from the polarity of our mind, it will work and it won’t work at the same time.

If the Heart is open the Spirit can work with you. If the Ego is in the way, no healing can happen.

So I welcome you to the world where you will reconnect to the Shamanic Heart Healer inside you.”

Lu Ka


SHAMANIC HEART HEALING® is a complete work of using ancient shamanic practices in our everyday lives and healing.
It is a series of many 2 or 3 day workshops where you connect to ancient wisdom of the shamans with the powerful strength of the  Sacred space of our Hearts.

Shamanic Heart Healing® teaches you two different approaches to healing. One is where the healing is being supported by compassionate spirits, and the other is, where the healing is performed through the Shamanic Healer and his connection to the Spirit.

In the Shamanic Heart Healing® you will learn and remember that you have a hidden shaman healer within you.


The workshop will be held at Višja Vibracija (C. Andreja Bitenca 68, Ljubljana), Slovenia.


Level 1: 222 EUR
Level 1+2: 333 EUR (instead of 444 EUR)
Level 3: 333 EUR
Level 4: 222 EUR
Level 3+4: 555 EUR
Level 1-3: 650 EUR (instead of 777 EUR)
Level 1-4: 872 EUR (instead of 999 EUR)

A deposit of 50 EUR is to be paid for each Level you are registering for.


  • Remembering the Heart Shaman within
  • Reconnecting to our Inner guidance and Shamanic light trance through our Heart and inner Imagery
  • Understanding the use of Medicine Wheel in relation with Merkaba
  • Overcoming our beliefs and limitations in Healing
  • Entering the shamanic state of consciousness
  • Remember the Healing of others and yourself through connection with your spirit guides and Universe, from our Sacred space of the Heart
  • Connecting to Spirit guides and allies for healing (power animals, spiritual teachers)
  • Activating and using your inner senses
  • Distant healing as individual or as a group
  • Finding the source of a problem in a person
  • Healing with sound of your voice using Heart power song, and using drums and rattle
  • Using advanced techniques as Shamanic Extraction and Soul retrieval with your Spirit guidance
  • Realizing that imagination is the strongest tool you can ever have as it unlocks hidden realms of consciousness
  • Shamanic Energy Surgery
  • And remembering the Ancient Shaman within through guided and self-intuitive practices and exercises


Shamanic Heart Healing – Level 3 – 
”Master workshop”

After the completion of the first two parts of this work and after using and mastering the healing practices from the Level 2, advanced intuitive work is being used. Including the practices of: Compassionate Shamanic Depossesion and Psychopomp.

The third part is being done even more intuitively and combines all that a person has learned in the first two parts and in other healing practices. Releasing the mind patterns of how a healing should be and becoming a complete tool for your higher self.

The Level III is not attained only by visiting the workshop, but a student must show how he or she is using the work and must have observable results in Shamanic Heart Healing.

Duration: 2-3 days

Shamanic Heart Healing – Level 4
 – “Imagination workshop”

IMAGINATION workshop: going into limitless realms of Shamanic healing through imagination, healing through the Sacred space of the heart, Shamanic energy surgery …

Level 4 is a transition between external to internal worlds of healing. Everything we know about healing can be changed.

”The Shaman sees what he/she believes.” That is why there are no limits in what tools to use.

After the finished and certified workshop you will:

  • Go beyond the limits of physical tools and start to use your inner world healing
  • Learn to bring a client into a controlled light trance
  • Work with a client in a guided 1 on 1 direct approach (the client works with the shaman through the whole session, instead of just lying down)
  • Know why and how the emotions work and why the client needs to express them
  • Group healing from the Tiny space of the heart
  • And all that is impossible to write or describe, but only experience

Duration: 2 days


Check out the program for Shamanic Heart Healing – Level 1&2 (Aug 22-25, 2024).