All program will be presented in ENGLISH. Some local guides and shamans will present their knowledge in Spanish. We will have a Spanish-English translation available. ****
(in case of shown interest, translation in other languages can be organized)


AWAKEN YOUR HEART IN BEAUTIFUL PERU, with our sacred journey leaders, brothers, sisters and friends of the heart:

Inka T’ito Q’osnipa Kunturkanki

Qanchi Tito Kuntur

Quispe Ccorahua


Ceremonies and teachings of Andean mysteries will be presented by WISDOM KEEPERS – PAQO ANDINO (Andean Shamans). They will be your guides through the sacred lands of Peru, ceremonies, meditations and helping us to remember our original connection to Mother Earth and Source of all Life.

Suggested before or after the journey:

  • If you haven’t taken the AWAKENING THE ILLUMINATED HEART and/or SHAMANIC HEART HEALING workshop before or after the journey. The combination of both together will totally change your experience.
  • We strongly recommend to watch the WISDOMKEEPERS – PAQO ANDINO movie before the journey. (currently available on


Sacred journey days: AUGUST 7th – AUGUST 18th, 2023

Your arrival to Lima International Airport:
AUGUST 6th, 2023 (or earlier, if you decide so)

Departure from Lima International Airport:
AUGUST 19th, 2023 (or later, if you decide so)

You can however prolong your stay in Peru! Let us know.


3999 USD (till January 1st, 2023)
4222 USD (till March 1st, 2023)
4444 USD (after March 1st, 2023)

(international flight to Lima and back home is not included)

Surcharge for single room: 60 EUR per day (only available on the first part of the journey, when we stay in hotels)

If you want to arrive early to Lima, or stay longer in Lima after the journey, please let us know, and we will book extra nights for you (based on


  • For full 14-day SACRED JOURNEY TOUR
  • Accommodation
  • 3x domestic flights (Lima-Cusco + Cusco-Juliaca + Juliaca-Lima)
  • MEALS:
 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (on some days lunch or dinner, on some days simple meal on the way, sometimes meals in camping area)
  • Water/Hot water/Coca tea
  • All transfers from airport to hotel and back
  • All entrance fees and main tips (see details bellow)
  • All transport with bus, boat or other vehicle
  • Spiritual guidance and ceremonies through the whole journey, meditations on certain days …
  • Professional local guides and 24h Service


13 nights in Double bed or Twin bed (if available), single bed as extra charge. 
The hotels are subject to change. On the second part of the journey we will be sleeping in simple accommodations and we will also be camping for 1 or 2 days (depending on the weather).

1st part of the journey:

ALLPA AIRPORT HOTEL&SUITES LIMA (optional, depends on your arrival time)



(hotels are subject to change, depending on the group size and hotels availability)

2nd part of the journey:

Sacred pilgrimage to the mountains, which includes camping, hiking and sleeping in family houses.

(In the second part of the journey please expect that the rooms and accommodations are simple, there might or might not be water in the room, there will or will not be showers)

FOOD & WATER – included

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are INCLUDED.
On some days we will have lunch or dinner on the way.
Diet possible choices: ALL, VEGETARIAN, VEGAN*
*Food variety not guaranteed.

On the 2nd part of the journey the meals are in a form of camping meals, eating in family houses, helping making meals together with Paqos and local people. Please do not expect much luxury on the second part of the journey, as it is considered as a sacred pilgrimage to the mountains.
 Bottled water will be available on the bus all the time. On the second part we will also have a privilege to drink clear sacred mountain water.


We have included all of the entrance fees in the price.


However, personal gratitude, as a thank you, to local heart personal is greatly appreciated.

LOCAL FLIGHTS – included

2 local flights included:
Lima-Cusco & Cusco-Lima

And for extension journey 2 flights included: Cusco-Juliaca & Juliaca-Cusco.


  • Meet and assistance upon arrival and departure to / from Lima airport and through out the program
  • Group or individual transfers from airport to hotel and back

Not included in any part of the program:

  • International airline tickets (you must arrive to Lima International Airport)
  • Drinks throughout the meals (besides travel bottled water)
  • Travel/Life insurance – please arrange in your country
  • Personal items, souvenirs etc.
  • Please check the PERU VISA requirements for your country here.


The program is as follows (subject to minor changes if needed):


Welcome to Peru!

With your international flight you will arrive to Lima international airport.
 You will just need to to tell us your flight number and time of arrival. We will have a transport arranged from the airport to the Airport Allpa Hotel, just for one night. You can rest.
We will meet in the hotel, and share the basic information about the journey.

Overnight: Allpa airport hotel
Note: LIMA altitude is just above sea level, so no need to acclimatize yet.

DAY 2 – AUGUST 7 – Early morning flight to CUSCO

Early in the morning we go back to the airport, to domestic terminal, and fly to CUSCO*.
*In case LuKa decides we might change the flight to Cusco in the evening of 10th, with no overnight stay in Lima, but fly directly to Cusco. This will depend on the arrival times of majority of attendants of the journey.

After a short flight we arrive to Cusco, with altitude 3400 m above sea level. Get ready to acclimatize and get used to the new altitude.

We will have a transfer to the Sacred Valley, where our first hotel&resort is located. On this day we will have a special fire ceremony and an opening circle called KICHARIY, which will open the way and energy for the whole journey and will connect us with the Apus (mountains) and Pachamama (Mother Earth).

We will ask the sacred land to activate, connect and harmonize the energy of our group. The ceremony will be performed by our Heart brothers: Adolfo and Rodolfo, the Wisdom keepers, PAQO Shamans. We will maybe meet also Ayllu shamans-brothers.
 This ceremony is important to connect to the sacred land and to harmonize the brothers and sisters of different cultures.

We will visit some Peruvian sacred ancestral places, such as Chincheros-Maras, with a sacred walk.


After breakfast we will go on a short drive to the sacred Inca ancestral temple Ollantaytambo, lost city of Atlantis. It is an important symbolic and energy spot, which covers most of the valley. It’s name is not so famous as Machu Picchu, but for the Inca and pre-Inca people it held the same significance. The original name means “House of windows” or “House of Dawn”. This location is much older then the local guides dare to explain. It was built after the great flood of Atlantis and it predates the Inca civilization.

Based on the information of Drunvalo Melchizedek, the ancient pre-Inca sites in South America were founded by the same builder who created the great pyramids in Egypt, Thoth himself. If I want to be correct, this temple has an even older origins than Atlantis, it was founded in Lemurian times more than 100.000 years ago. And it held the name at that time: Lemurian temple of Love. We will witness the 6 enormous pink stones which were brought to this location to archeologists in an unknown way. It is one of the most magical places in Peru. It was created also as an astronomical observatory and it is aligned geographically to Summer and Winter solstice. You will also find some masonic relationships to Egypt.

We will have a short water ceremony at the Chakana water fountain which creates a special shadow of a woman giving water to the initiate.

After this we visit a special place, where not many tourists go, called PACHAR.

We will have dinner in our hotel again and prepare ourselves for the big events the next day.


After morning circle we will go to the ancient spiritual center PISAQ (market place there is amazing!). This is one of the most sacred sites of the land. Before Incas there was an even much older civilization here called Hanan-Pacha, who created the temple out of bedrock. The second civilization Ulan-Pacha started to use different building techniques, using U shapes. And later the Inca civilization came and started to build temple in a different way.

You will see different building style from Atlantis and after Atlantis. The stones are the oldest computers on Earth and they hold the information from the time of Unity consciousness. We will have a meditation at the location and we will connect to the ancestors of all civilizations who lived here. And later we have a surprise 🙂

We will have lunch in a traditional restaurant in Sacred Valley. And then we have a train going through Urubamba valley with an amazing view, arriving to Aguas Calientes, a village bellow Machu Picchu mountain, where we will stay in hotel, have dinner and rest.

DAY 5 – AUGUST 10h – MACHU PICCHU – The Crystal city

This day in the morning we will travel to the highest spiritual center of Machu Picchu, also called the “Crystal city of Lemuria” and “Rainbow city”. We will visit the Cosmic heart, connect with the ancestral spirits. Also some spiritual instructions will be given according to the Inca tradition.

This is the moment that many of us dreamed to achieve in this life. We will witness the ancient university where women practiced and mastered spirituality. Machu Picchu is a city of Ascension. No one knows officially what happened to the original builders of the temple. But as we understand from Lemurian-Atlantean perspective, the whole city ascended to the 5th dimension of the Earth. This whole location is a portal.

The technology which was used to built this amazing structures is lost to modern humankind. Visiting this jewel of creation will unlock our ancient memories and open new possibilities of remembering who we really are.

We will explore our hearts and explore the temple of the Crystal Heart. We go back on the train towards Cusco and we stay overnight in the famous Siete Ventanas hotel.


In the morning we will travel to the magnificent Atlantis temple of Saqsaywaman. It’s structure is the blueprint of the Atlantis civilization. The way how the stones have been shaped and molded still remains a mystery. The location is one of the most powerful power spots in the Andes and also a place of a strong female energy.

One of the most amazing things is that the stones are so perfectly shaped that not even a blade or grass can slide between them. And there are no connecting stones or metal parts between them. They join together in complex and irregular surfaces that would be a nightmare for the stonemason.


We will have a meditation to connect to the information kept inside the temple stones and the shamanic walk in the darkness.
Afternoon will be reserved to explore the special shamanic and local souvenier markets in Cusco. Free time until evening and overnight in the hotel.

DAY 7 – AUGUST 12th – Rainbow Mountain

Today we have a very special day. Very early morning we will leave Cusco and begin the second part of the journey. First part of sacred pilgrimage to the mountains will be the famous RAINBOW MOUNTAIN. One of the most magnificent geologic features in the world is the Ausangate Mountain of the Peruvian Andes. The mountain is striped with colors ranging from turquoise to lavender to maroon and gold.

The painted Ausangate mountain is also considered to be holy and believed to be the deity of Cusco by local Peruvians. It is a site of daily worship and offerings by local citizens. Every year thousands of Quechua pilgrims visit the Ausangate Mountain for the Star Snow festival.

We will hike up the mountain, which peak sits at an elevation of incredible 6384 m (but of course we don’t go so high).
These are the views that all world photographers are dreaming about!

After returning to the valley, we will move away from the tourist areas and go with our friends shamans, Paqos, Adolfo and Rodolfo Ttito to the Pomacanchi lake. We will have an introduction into sacred teachings and ceremonial work. Sleeping is in family house.

DAY 8/9 – AUGUST 13/14th – Pomacanchi, Sacred water ceremony with Mama Qocha

Sacred teachings and ceremonies with the Inca goddess of water Mama Qocha, sacred lagoon of the ancient Qanchis men. We will remember the ancient purification power of the water. Cleaning our past to be ready to walk in the present.

DAY 10 – AUGUST 15th – Apu Wikuku

We travel towards the mountains, and we meet the ancient giant, mountain Apu Wikuku. Our beloved shamans Paqos will share with us shamanic teachings of the Wisdomkeepers and perform with us the Ceremony of the Cosmic Beings.

DAY 11 – AUGUST 16th – Sacred pilgrimage to mountains Apu Sawasiray Pitusiray

We will have a hike and a sacred walk to the mountains of Apu Sawasiray and Pitusiray, where the movie Wisdomkeepers was also filmed.

The connection to the father sky, Tata Inti. We will be sleeping together with the spirits of the mountains.


Instead of flying back to Lima we will take a flight to Juliaca. From there we will have a local transport to Puno and we will embark on a boat on the lake Titicaca.

Lake Titicaca is located in the Andes between Bolivia and Peru. It is the largest freshwater lake in South America, and is also regarded as the highest navigable lake in the world. Lake Titicaca is said to be the cradle of Peru’s ancient civilizations, and has been populated by numerous Andean cultures, including the Purakas, the Tiwanakus, and the Incas. The presence of these civilizations, especially the Incas, can be seen on Lake Titicaca by the ruins they left behind, including a mysterious underwater temple.

There are a number of islands on Lake Titicaca, some of which play an important part in Inca mythology. We will stay overnight in the family houses and have a meditation under the night sky.

DAY 13 – August 18th – ARAMU MURU, Star portal

Aramu Muru is located north of Chucuito in southern Peru, not far from Lake Titicaca in a region known as “The Valley of the Spirits”.

Of the archaic mystery monuments that cover our world, Aramu Muru in it’s grandeur is one of the forgotten and lesser known.
A unique stone “wall-structure with a door-styled” into it creates a gigantic stone door appearance, conjuring the idea of a portal with its mysteriousness impressing the senses and stirring imaginations of all who uncover it.

Resembling a gate, Aramu Muru’s colossal size leaves researchers inquisitive knowing it’s history is unknown as exactly who built this megalithic structure and it’s intended purpose.

It should be known Amaru Muru is of ancient and uncertain origin possibly dating back to an unrecognized advanced valley of spirits civilization.

Locals believe that by stepping into the grand doorways T shaped key hole, touching the gate’s frame with both palms, visions occur. It’s been noted that the dream-state individual incurs visions which include fire, secret tunnels running under a mountain and the ability to hear musical melodies.

There have been those who affirmed they have experienced strange phenomena, and stranger still some have said they’ve actually entered and past in through the gate, which somehow magically opened to them.

DAY 14 – August 19th – Final departures from Lima airport

After the closing ceremony we fly back from Juliaca airport to Cusco and to Lima – and return home.

It is never a goodbye, just see you later. We have remembered Peru and ancient wisdom of our Hearts. There is one universal language. Language of the One Heart.