Arrival to Faa’a International Airport (Tahiti): AUGUST 10th, 2024

Sacred Retreat Days (Moorea): AUGUST 11th-18th, 2024

Departure from Faa’a International Airport (Tahiti): AUGUST 19th, 2024


  • Swimming with our brothers and sisters WHALES with permission of mother Gaia
  • 5 x SNORKELING with humpback whales
  • 2 x SACRED HIKE – island-exploring adventures with ceremony
  • 1x accommodation at arrival and 1x accommodation at departure in a hotel on Tahiti island
  • VIP Accommodation in 300 m2 Deluxe Villa by the sea OR  VIP Deluxe Villa by the pool on the heart-shaped island of Moorea
  • 5x Snorkeling in the blue lagoon on coral reefs with tropical fish, sting rays and sharks
  • Awakening Heart meditations and connection
  • Shamanic journeying and sound healing ceremonies
  • Connecting with plant spirits: Blue Lotus and Ceremonial Cacao
  • Breathing and embodiment exercises
  • Sacred circles, magical sunsets and sharing


  • Personally meeting you at the airport and transfer to the hotel on Tahiti
  • All travel logistics on Tahiti and Moorea (van, car)
  • Ferry from Tahiti to Moorea and from Moorea to Tahiti
  • 5x Private boat with a professional local diver and native captain
  • Snorkeling gear included
  • 1 main meal per day included
  • Lunch on one of the small islands
  • Both villas include luxury kitchen and dinning room to prepare other meals by yourself or as a group
  • Bottled drinking water on the whole journey
  • All meditations and ceremonies
  • All local taxes

Not included: international flight tickets to and from Tahiti, travel health insurance, drinks during meals


With accommodation on Moorea in Luxury Villa by the Sea (limited to 8 persons)

  • 4990 EUR (DOUBLE/TWIN room): last spot left, early bird price guaranteed

With accommodation on Moorea in Luxury Villa by the pool, walking distance to the Sea (limited to 2 persons)

  • 4990 EUR (SINGLE room): no longer available

Note: Beside the Luxury accommodations on Moorea there are also 2x overnight in a hotel near the airport on Tahiti (at arrival, and at departure). Those accommodations are standard 4 Star.

Deposit of 2000 EUR must be paid in 5 days after registration.

The rest of the payment is due before June 1st, 2024.


So these spirals of temple energy keep reversing direction each time an octave-of-eight temples is reached. They move south from Guatemala into Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, and then Peru. In Peru, at Lake Titicaca between the Island of the Sun and the Island of the Moon, there is a ninety-degree turn of the energy, which then heads out toward the Pacific Ocean by passing through Chile. In the Pacific Ocean this female energy continues along the ocean floor until it reaches Easter Island, where it continues until it reaches an incredible island called Moorea. The center of the axis of the Unity Consciousness Grid is in the middle of the island of Moorea. If you continue through the Earth with this axis, you come out of the surface of the Earth in Egypt, about one and a half miles from the Great Pyramid. This spot in ancient Egypt was clearly marked.”

“This female energy of the Unity Consciousness Grid more or less makes an enormous circle in two parts, both meeting in Moorea. Moorea is an interesting and awesomely beautiful island. It is formed in the perfect shape of a heart and has a coral reef surrounding it that is also in the shape of a heart. Each house on the island has a heart shape somewhere on it facing the street. Your body can feel the love.”

“Moorea and Egypt (the forty-second site) were the axis points of the Unity Consciousness Grid, so this made sense.”

“Thoth took a deep breath, and began again. “When this adjustment takes place, you must have a man and a woman at both of the axis points, in Egypt and Moorea, and the forty other women must also be in location at the forty specific sacred sights that I will name for you. You must believe in your dream. Prepare this far, and I will give you the final details as you approach the time.”

“Drunvalo,” he told me, “the male at the north pole in Egypt will be undergoing a sexual change within the female part of himself, and the female at the south pole of the grid in Moorea will simultaneously be undergoing a sexual adjustment within her female aspect. The female that is with the male in Egypt will be controlling the entire adjustment, while the male, which will be you, will be the…”

“Leaving sea level, which had been our only experience of Moorea, was a shock. The terrain really was jungle. Without this guide, I quickly realized that there would be no way my girlfriend and I could have ever made our way. You had to know the pathways in the dense jungle and how they connected to other, smaller, almost unnoticeable pathways that branched off, eventually leading to our goal.”

“All I could say was, “Wow,” and was forced to be silent by the sheer power of what I was witnessing. I couldn’t help but remember that Moorea was shaped like of a heart. And this was at its very center?”


Day 1 (Aug 10) – Arrival – TAHITI

Welcome to Lemuria! We will meet you at the Papeete international airport arrivals and will take a ride to the hotel for one night.

Day 2 (Aug 11) – Opening – ARRIVING TO MOOREA!!!

After breakfast at a hotel on Tahiti island, we will board the ferry to Moorea.

We will go almost straight to the beach for the connection and opening ceremony. The energies will talk to us, we will talk to them. Maybe we will already see whales from far away. We will introduce ourselves to the heart-shaped land of Lemuria.

We will accommodate ourselves in the two luxury villas, and return to the beach for an evening sunset swim and meditation.

Day 3 (Aug 12) – Introduction: Swimming with whales (part 1)

Breakfast at our Moorea home. After asking for permission the spirit of the island we go to meet the sisters and brothers whales for the first time.

We will swim with whales!!!

After that we have lunch in one of the simple local restaurants (there are not many restaurants on the island), and an evening sound healing session with BLUE LOTUS Ceremony for integration.

Day 4 (Aug 13) – Heart Connection: Swimming with whales (part 2)

Following breakfast, we go to unlock our memories of the ancient Lemuria and heading to our second whale watching connection. We will be opening our telepathic abilities to connect with our catacean brothers and sisters. We will be listening to the whales on our boat and singing to them before we enter the waters.

Lunch outside, and evening time for Heart meditation, connection and sharing.


Day 5 (Aug 14) – Ascension: Sacred hike to Mou’aroa volcano mountain

Today will be a day for walking and connecting with the island. It will be our first sacred hike. The mountain volcano is inactive today, but it was one of those who created the Lemuria island range 1.5 to 2.5 million years ago. Following the trail we will walk through the ancient jungle towards Mou’aroa volcano mountain located near the island center.

Mou’aroa, also written as Mouaroa or Mou’a Roa and translates to ‘the great mountain’, rises 880 m above sea level in the center of the island of Mo’orea on the main crater line. This is probably the most iconic peak of the island due to it’s impressive vertical cliffs and can be seen from most parts of the island. The rock is mostly made up of porous igneous volcanic rock and is chossy – i.e. decomposed, decaying, sandy soil-like, crumbly rock with loose blocks.

Moorea can never be forgotten because of it’s primal beauty, rugged terrain and it’s towering peaks.

After lunch outside, we take some rest at home or chilling at the beach or the pool. We close the day with the Cacao Ceremony to integrate our experience so far and to celebrate.


Day 6 (Aug 15) – Heart Meditation: Swimming with whales (part 3)

We treat ourselves with a relaxed morning by the sea, and a nutritious smoothie lunch outside.

Today will be a different day. We will meet whales in the afternoon after our heart meditation.

It is very different in the afternoon.


Day 7 (Aug 16) – Ceremony: Swimming with whales (part 4) + Afareaitu Waterfalls

Everything in life is a ceremony. Every step is sacred. Every meeting is sacred. Waters are calling us.

In the afternoon we explore more of Moorea, and head for a Afareaitu Waterfalls walk and ceremony, followed by a relaxing evening in our Villas.

Day 8 (Aug 17) – Unconditional Love: Whale watching (part 5) + VIP lunch on one of the smaller islands

We start our day with our last swim with the whales. Later on, we celebrate our experience with a special VIP lunch on a tiny island.

Day 9 (Aug 18) – Integration + Return to Tahiti

A free morning to give thanks to the island of Moorea individually. Catching the 4 pm ferry to Tahiti. Late lunch, and sleepover.

Day 10 (Aug 19) – Closing: Check out and final departures

Join us!