Friday-Sunday, Dec 6-8, 2024


Melle, Germany (indoors + outdoors)


LuKa and Robi, experienced guides in the realms of spirituality, self-discovery, and divine masculinity, will skillfully navigate you through this transformative journey.

The workshop will be held in English, with German interpretation.



  • Shared room (3-4 persons in the room): 449 EUR per person (EARLY BIRD: 419 EUR, until Sept 1st, 2024)
  • Double room (2 persons in the room): 479 EUR per person (EARLY BIRD: 449 EUR, until Sept 1st, 2024)
  • Single room: 522 EUR (EARLY BIRD: 492 EUR, until Sept 1st, 2024)

A deposit of 150 EUR is mandatory to complete your registration.


Lu Ka (Whatsapp: +386 40791969, info@awakening-heart.org)


Dear Brothers, Fathers, Sons, Uncles, Grandfathers,

Men, we need more than just day-to-day existence – we need community, sacred brotherhood, collective action. We need each other’s guidance.

️In indigenous communities, it is often said that we need at least 6 individuals to help us grow. Besides parents, this is our “tribe”. “Iron sharpens Iron”. Elders teach men how to be men, just as women elders guide women in embracing their femininity.

️Many of us grew up without strong and balanced male leadership. It’s not always our fathers; it could be an uncle, an older brother, or a grandfather. It’s time, brother, to find that part of your masculinity you might have been searching for outside of yourself. We must be our own pillars of stability, support, and security. Why do we do this? So that we can be better partners, fathers, brothers, sons, grandfathers, uncles, friends, humans. To be the foundation for our wives, daughters, mothers, for all the women of this world.

️Men, we need a sacred space where we can share our challenges and lessons, where we can trust each other with matters concerning men. We need distance because some emotions cannot be resolved with our wives and girlfriends. Certain breakthroughs must be made alone, so that we can return to our community and families as men firmly rooted in our divine embodiment.

️We need a sacred space where we can show our vulnerability, scars, life lessons, as well as our strength, intensity, wisdom, and experiences. We need a temporary break from systems, jobs. We need male companionship; we need each other for support, for mirrors, for initiations, for awakening the masculine aspect. We need a sacred space where we can overcome internal challenges, where we need mutual sacred confrontations, surpassing our limitations, confronting our shadows and comfort zones, for sacred expression of emotions and traumas. Men, we need a sacred male space where we can confront emotions we never show to anyone.

Where is your limit, brother?

How many times has someone asked you, “How are you?” and you just answered, “I’m fine, everything’s okay,” while inside you wanted to roar that you’re not okay! Unlike women, men usually don’t express how they feel. If you feel the call, you are invited to the sacred space of men. We invite you to go beyond yourself, to find yourself. This is a call to the ritual of transitioning into divine masculinity.

You might face challenges, brother. Will you feel comfortable or uncomfortable in these workshops? For the sacred expression of self and for crossing limitations, we must exist somewhere between comfort and discomfort.

The purpose of men’s gatherings is not just conversation. It’s also embodiment – expressing with the body, voice, gaze, movement. We awaken masculine qualities, archetypes, shadow work, inner child, and emotional/energetic/mental/spiritual/physical positioning of oneself. We also awaken softness, compassion, emotionality, feeling oneself, connecting with nature.

We also include sacred combat as a symbol of internal breakthrough and confronting our own limitations.

️Our approach in men’s gatherings includes all levels of a human being and many different methods – from ceremony, sacred space, conversation circle, physical and energetic exercises, expression of primary emotions and instincts, sacred confrontations, movement.

When was the last time you went beyond yourself, brother?

️All men who face any emotional, mental, personality challenges and issues are welcome. A safe space will be created for experiencing, breaking through, existing, and support for everyone.

Who is the practical workshop intended for:

️All men are welcome, regardless of your reasons and intentions. For all men who seek authentic, concrete male support, socializing, ritual, action, and connection. This is for both those encountering men’s groups for the first time and those who already have experience with them.

️Prepare to engage in a variety of sacred practices including the profound Cacao Ceremony on Saturday evening, invigorating Resilience Ice Bathing on Saturday, and transformative Breathwork sessions. Throughout the event, we will incorporate Sacred Expressions, Sacred Mirroring, Ritual Combat, and embody the energies of the Warrior, Magician, Lover, and King archetypes.

️In this safe and supportive space, you will have the opportunity to explore your authentic self, no pretending, going deep, honour your masculinity, and forge deep connections with fellow brothers. Come with being ready to find your edge, connections, come with open heart and mind and a willingness to come back home as a different man.


Day 1 – Friday, December 6th
Arrival window, lodging check-in and registration, 16-17:30h
Event start: 17:30
Meals: no meals – fasting

Day 2 – Saturday, December 7th
Whole day event, expect early wake up and late sleep
Meals: brunch and dinner

Day 3 – Sunday, December 8th
Whole day event, expect early wake up and late sleep
Event finish: 15:30
Meals: brunch

Are you ready to awaken the Divine Masculine?

Join us on this soul-stirring adventure and experience the profound transformation that awaits.