Many Christians feel that Harry Potter’s influence is not a good thing. And yet throughout all of the Harry Potter books, the issue of good versus evil and the proper use of magical powers is explored through the metaphors of the story. So let us explore it more explicitly here.

Why is it that some religions believe that miracles are from God, a good and beautiful occurrence, and that magic – even if it is performing the same feat – is evil? Have you ever thought about it?

In the outer world of the senses, there is no difference between magic and miracles, from my way of seeing. Both usually break the laws of physics and influence or change the reality in some manner.

But is there, as some Christians suggest, a problem with magic? Is Jesus, while he is walking on water, performing magic? Or is it a miracle?

This question could be answered in various ways depending on one’s relationship to Christianity. And another question is this: If an ordinary person were walking on water, would this be both magic and evil?

So many questions.[1] I will do my best to give you my truth, but realize it is only my truth. Another would see this subject differently depending on their religious and spiritual training. It is important, though, for each of us to be clear in this area. For we all will be called upon, sooner or later, to use our human potential to alter the outer world. The use of powers is simply a spiritual law, a “gateway” that everyone must pass though.

Even Jesus had to do this. In a public place, during a marriage celebration, Jesus turned water into wine – showing everyone that he could alter the outer world with his inner being. It was a huge test to see if what he knew could actually be manifested. And his success at turning water into wine was also the birth of his ministry.

Someday, you too will be called to perform a similar feat, to prove to yourself and God that you are ready for higher consciousness. Will you be ready?

But what about the potential problems?

Siddhi Yoga

In India, there is a practice called Siddhi Yoga, where the student learns that the outer world can be controlled by the inner being, and in controlling the outer world, a possibility of the human inner world becomes manifest and can lead to self-realization. Self-realization is the direct knowledge and experience of God. In this world, the Siddis, or the powers of the human spirit, must be mastered to go into the higher levels of consciousness.

But all the while that they are training you for this understanding, they are warning you against the possible dangers in doing so. From my own training in Siddhi yoga, this is what I learned.
• “Siddhi” means the powers of the human spirit to manifest in the outer world.
• The “danger” is that it’s possible for a student of Siddhi Yoga to learn about and begin to practice certain levels of higher consciousness and outer manifestation before he or she has transcended the ego. Transcending the ego is considered absolutely necessary before a person can become stable within the higher consciousness and use these innate human powers responsibly. This means that a student can perform “magic” and do it for personal gain or satisfaction instead of with the will of God for the greater good.
• When a student forces their personal willpower over the will of God, this is where the “danger” lies. Once a student begins to practice the siddhis without regard to God, this person’s spiritual growth stops and may not proceed until there is a change in the ego of that student. This is the danger – that one will be overcome by the power. The ego then becomes enhanced and the student forgets that there is something much greater spiritually than just being able to manipulate the outer reality.[2]

The Chinese Example

In Paul Dong’s book on the psychic children of China, called China’s SuperPsychics, he talks about two famous Chinese psychics. Both of these were discovered when they were children. Today, they are grown men, about 27 years old. Both are able to demonstrate psychic abilities on the same level that Jesus did.

These two have been scientifically observed by the Chinese government performing what most of us would call miracles. They can float objects around the room with their minds. In controlled, scientific experiments they can move objects in and out of sealed containers. And they can perform many other incredible feats of magic. One of them has even been scientifically observed walking through a solid wall.

But one of these two pyschics is still in his ego, and the Chinese government is very much afraid of him because of his power. Wherever he goes, to prime his ego, the government literally rolls out the red carpet, with fanfare.

This man knows whatever you are thinking. And if he doesn’t like you, his favorite thing to do is to harm you. He will send a “ball of fire” across space to where you are and set your cloths on fire, burning your body. He obviously doesn’t care what happens to you.

The other man can do every single thing that the first can do, except he has one more ability: he can heal people.

The first man can heal no one, because he doesn’t love them. But the second one cares and loves people. He can heal them, and he does.

So here again we can see that one can be very advanced psychically and still have an ego very much in control.

Black and White Magic

It is simple. When a student learns of magic and still has his ego, he will become a magician that is either a Black Magician or a White Magician. Actually, these powers fall along a spectrum. The nevo magician can become anything between black and white. A little of both is more normal. Depending on how the student was raised and his belief patterns, he will reflect that in his magic. Either he will care or not.

But either way, black or white, if the magician still has his ego, he is dangerous to himself and to others because the “magic” is being controlled by a person’s ego, which cannot see the greater good.

Beyond Magic

When a student passes safely beyond the ego and at the same time beyond magic, what happens?

A self-realized magician transforms into an enlightened being, a being who has merged with God, and where God looks out through his or her eyes. The magic is now a miracle, for it is God who is doing it.

The Catch-22

One must learn about magic, for it is on the way to higher consciousness. But also one must transform from Polarity Consciousness to Unity Consciousness during the exploring of magic or face possibly “dangerous” problems.

It’s kind of like what happens to a baby if they walk too early. If they wait until about one year, both sides of the brain naturally get balanced by that length of time of crawling. But if they walk early, they sometimes become unbalanced between the left and right sides of the body. The crawling helps this balance, and walking assumes that it has been completed.

At the same time, if a baby decides to walk early, it is not the end of the world. The baby can find that balance in other ways as he or she grows up.

In the same way, every magician will eventually find the truth and be transformed. It really is not about good and bad, but rather about spiritual growth.

The Big Difference

What I see as the biggest difference in actually performing either magic or miracles lies in the heart of the student. Magic, either Black or White, is focused from the will of the student. But the miracle comes from the heart of God.

The student doesn’t say, “I’m going to do this thing.” The miracle just happens.

At the same time, there could seem to be a crossover between personal will and God’s will. For example, God could have made it clear that students are to pray for world peace. And then the students direct their will toward praying for world peace, using the knowledge of magic. But in this case, it is not magic, it is a miracle, for the source is God.

Spirituality and You

In reading this, you may have realized something about yourself and your own spiritual path and actions. Whatever you have noticed, don’t worry. God loves every single person, and knows that eventually you will find what you have truly been seeking. Be easy on yourself. Trust in Life. For Life itself is a Miracle!

Drunvalo Melchizedek