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The seminar is a unique experience; I strongly recommend it to everyone who wants to know more about who we really are …

Linda Ordonez

I’ve been to two Drunvalo’s workshops before (in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and in Satjana´s, Germany). Now I got the missing piece. I am very happy. LuKa is pure unconditional love. I feel that the frequency of the Earth has changed, Love is finding its way to the Heart.

Vesna Recnik

Very high energy and extraordinary feeling of LU KA. Thank you very much from my heart!

Sandra Grube

Luka is a born teacher, as young as he still is, but wise like an old master.

Peter Maas

Thank you Lu Ka for delivering such a great class. It’s opened my mind, connected my soul and cleared some old stuff that used to block my daily life. Thank you.

Jessica Lai

The work and process is ongoing and the experience beyond 1-10. I feel so much gratitude in such depth of my being. Thank You.

Rouven Will

This workshop was really amazing! It was presented in such a professional and easy to understand manner. Living in the heart is truly a life changing experience!

Nicholas Patulny

This workshop has been one of the most outstanding workshops I have ever attended. Drunvalo’s teachings are extremely effective and indeed mind-boggling. I can only recommend this workshop to everyone at the bottom of my heart. Namaste Drunvalo.

Roland Studer

If there’s only one spiritual workshop you could choose in this life, I would definitely recommend ATIH. Feel so much love during & after the workshop.

Yvonne Yip

Lu Ka is a wonderful teacher. He is leading the workshop with great authenticity and always speaks from the heart.

Salome Schori
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