Just who is Drunvalo Melchizedek? Let me begin by telling you about Drunvalo’s great-great-great-grandfather, Machiavinda Melchizedek. Machiavinda was the person assigned from Galactic Center to be with us. He has been here from the very moment we were created.

The Great White Brotherhood and what you might call the Great Dark Brotherhood are two bodies of consciousness opposed to each other in every imaginable way. Machiavinda was from the Great White Brotherhood. The Great White Brotherhood does everything it can to advance our evolution, while the Great Dark Brotherhood does everything it can to induce fear and delay evolution.

The forces of these two brotherhoods tend to balance each other out so that our evolution takes place at exactly the right time, neither too soon nor too late. Viewed from a higher level—the fourth dimension or above—this is unity consciousness. The two brotherhoods are just different aspects of the One working in harmony. It is only because we are down here in the midst of polarity consciousness that we see it in terms of good and evil. Evil may do some amazingly harsh and disgusting things, but at the level of polarity consciousness, these are mere lessons.

Due to amazing events which happened in 1972, the Dark Brotherhood, who, by the way, knew what was going to happen, enlisted four additional members from the star systems of Orion, while the Great White Brotherhood sent four of their own in response to this. Drunvalo was one of the four. He was chosen because of his longstanding experience in the Melchizedek Order in the thirteenth dimensional realm. He had been there almost from the beginning, or about 10 billion Earth years. He had almost no awareness of polarity consciousness and was dispatched here because of that, because of his innocence.

Drunvalo came as what is called a “walk-in.” Another person occupied his body until Drunvalo was ready to use it. That person undertook certain training and schooling that Drunvalo was later able to use. This was all done by agreement. It is illegal, according to universal law at the highest level, to take over a body any other way. The person who left his body for Drunvalo to occupy was given something very special. Drunvalo did not say what it was other than that.

Drunvalo can remember almost every minute of coming through the dimensional levels, from the thirteenth all the way down to the third dimension, to get here. However, he purposely placed a veil over his memory of the thirteenth dimension. According to him, to have memory now of life in the thirteenth dimension would be just too painful. There is no way you could exist here on the third dimension and maintain full memory of what the thirteenth dimension is like. He does remember being on the thirteenth dimension and being asked by his father to come here, and he also recalls being given a movement pattern to move inside the Great Void, which is what he had to go through to get here.

He moved in this pattern through the Great Void for a long time. He doesn’t know how long it was in Earth time, but it was a long time, perhaps millions of years. He continued to move until light reappeared, and at that time and place he was met by Machiavinda. Then he went through the center of a nebula, the middle star in the belt of Orion. This is one of the primary star-gates to other dimensional levels. For instance, there are thirteen different star-gates in our galaxy, but the middle star in the belt of Orion is a special one. At this star-gate, great light and great darkness operate very close together. Many of the Greys emanate from precisely this part of the galaxy.

After going through the belt of Orion, Drunvalo headed for the Pleiades. His goal was a particular fourth-dimensional planet with a green atmosphere. He had no form on this planet but he was totally conscious; or, put differently, his form was just a ball of light. He gestated in a baby’s body and kept it for about fifteen Earth years. He soon learned that the Pleiades contain a galactic university. Its inhabitants dwell on the higher overtones of the fourth dimension, and all learning there is accomplished through pleasure and joy. All teaching utilizes games.

When Drunvalo learned what he needed to know on the Pleiades he flew to the third planet out from Sirius B. This world is almost all ocean. The Sirians are also on the fourth dimension, but on a lower overtone of it than the Pleiadians. They do not yet experience joy and pleasure to the same degree as the Pleiadians, but they are getting there. On this marine planet Drunvalo had no body—he was just consciousness. Here he existed by attaching himself to a very large being, a female orca whale. He swam with this whale for about one year, and while he swam with her she told him the history of the Earth. She had the total memory pattern of the planet Earth inside her.

This joyous interlude ended when three humanoid fourteen- to sixteen-foot-tall Pleiadins came to him and said it was time to go. They took Drunvalo to the land mass of the planet he was on and gave him an already-made adult male Sirian body. (“People most places in the Galaxy don’t waste bodies the way we do,” Drunvalo has remarked.) Its cells contained the memory patterns of how to run the Sirian ship he was then given.

Drunvalo, along with 350 crew members, took this Sirian ship with a prepared flight pattern for Earth. This involved flying from Sirius B right through the middle of Sirius A. You pass through successfully simply by tuning to the same vibration as the sun so that “hot” is no longer hot. Ninety seconds later you come out through the Earth’s sun. This is because of our intimate connection with Sirius. Using this maneuver, Drunvalo and crew reached the orbital field of Venus, the world containing the Hathor race, the most advanced beings in this solar system.

After some adventures in dimensional reality on Venus (the travelers encountered torrential sulphuric-acid rain), they transited to Earth and came in on one overtone higher than our own dimensional level so we could not see them. Drunvalo left his Sirian body and ignited into a ball of light. This still felt like a shift in consciousness to him, in other words, easy, before his more rude introduction to real polarity consciousness. He shifted upward into the Earth’s fourth dimensional level and from there kept climbing dimensional levels looking for a trace of life. He finally found the ascended masters hanging out on the tenth, eleventh and twelfth overtones of the sixth dimension. He joined them and learned from them for a period of time from 1819 to 1850.

In 1850 Drunvalo was born as a female into the Taos tribe in New Mexico. He maintained this woman’s body for forty years, and in 1890 he left it consciously just by holding her breath. He returned to the sixth dimensional level and stayed this time until 1972.

On April 10, 1972, Drunvalo walked into his current body. It was all done in one breath. The spirit leaving breathed out and Drunvalo breathed in. That was it, clean and legal. The two spirits had been talking for seven to nine years before this and they petitioned for and got full permission to do this on all levels.

Drunvalo doesn’t tell stories about himself to prove he is anyone special. To the contrary, it is to serve as a reminder to you, to show how special you are. Consider, for example, the possibility that you too are a higher-dimensional master here on special assignment. Consider also that in order for you to properly do your job, it was necessary to become as human as possible; that is, to go to sleep and forget, and at the proper time you would be reminded of your true nature. You have done the first part perfectly. Now it is time for phase II.

Drunvalo does remember and that is the difference. He is here as a catalyst to provide us with that necessary wakeup call.