This cycle occurs in human relationships between man and woman. It also is observed in tiny cycles that we can’t even see, such as between protons and electrons within the atom. And it definitely takes place within the larger cycles of the universe.

One of these larger cycles involves the Precession of the Equinoxes. Our planet and a vast array of smaller cycles on the planet are dependent on this very large cycle of the Earth.

The Precession is simply a wobble in the Earth’s axis that takes a little less than 26,000 years to complete itself. Slowly, over these 26,000 years, the Earth moves through all twelve constellations (thirteen, if you count Orion).

What’s of interest to us here is the nature of this cycle as it relates to the Female/Male cycle of humanity. Older spiritual traditions, for example in India and Tibet, have discovered that as the axis of the Earth begins to move away from the center of the galaxy, the male principle takes control of humanity and protects us as we “fall asleep” for 13,000 years.

And then, as the cycle changes direction and begins to move toward the center of the galaxy, the female principle takes over control from the male, and she guides humanity for the next 13,000 years.

The image of the Earth as half black (night time) and half white (day time) at any moment, and the image of humanity where half the world is asleep and half is awake, are like minor examples of this larger Precession of the Equinoxes, where we fall asleep for 13,000 years and then wake up for 13,000 years. In both, the same dynamic is expressed.

And it just so happens that right now, the axis of the Earth is at the exact position where the female begins to control humanity – and humanity begins to wake up!

We see this as the feminist movement becomes stronger and stronger. Females are beginning to enter the arenas that males have dominated for centuries, such as public office, military, business leadership, and all the other changes we have witnessed.

Could there be a woman in the White House? This is a very real possibility, now, where only a few years ago it would not have even been considered. The government of my home state of Arizona is almost completely in the hands of women, and this is a possible image of what the future will hold.

India and Tibet agree that as we enter this new phase in the Precession of the Equinoxes, the female not only takes control of the affairs of humanity, but she is the one who leads us back into the Light. She is the principle that guides us into higher consciousness.

In other words, humanity begins to wake up and continues to wake up for 13,000 years.

This is not a “good thing” or a “bad thing,” it is simply the nature of the cycle that God created. And the sooner we realize the nature of this new half of this cycle, the sooner humanity will find peace and balance.

It’s time for the old to let go. The men who have been controlling the world for thousands of years must acknowledge the very real need for the feminine to enter into our world affairs. Without this soft and nurturing aspect of the female in world events, humanity and the Earth, at this point in the cycle, will continue to suffer. For everything in these cycles is about balance.

But to me, and to those who understand the Precession of the Equinoxes, it is absolutely inevitable that the female – the Divine Female – will continue to infiltrate the positions that the Divine Male held for so long, until finally the dawn breaks on the new cycle of humanity.

And then, for 13,000 years, we will continue to grow stronger and more awake to the possibilities of human potential. Life in balance can be one almost beyond human imagination. I say “almost” because the Divine Female will take us to the very edge of what we believe is possible – and then beyond, where she will lead us in the Last Cycle, not in a circle of return, but in an ever-expanding spiral.

And then, of course, 13,000 years from now, the Divine Male will begin to resume control, to protect us from the darkness and our own unconsciousness as we fall asleep one more time.

Okay, Mom, it’s your turn now. Here’s the torch. We believe in you. And may God bless your pure female wisdom.

In love and service,

Drunvalo Melchizedek