Nevertheless, in the month (August 2003) I published a new book about this very subject. It’s called Living in the Heart.

What I have found is that although the direct experience is paramount to knowing the Secret of Secrets, talking or reading about the Sacred Space of the Heart can prepare the mind for this change.

In order to help accomplish this change, I have created a CD that will be included in the book. It will lead you into the heart space in a similar manner that was used in ancient times, thousands of years ago. At least, this is my hope and prayer.
What Is this Secret of Secrets?

First of all, on a mundane level, it is a physical space within the body that is found, depending on the tradition, either inside the heart or very close to it. Some traditions say it is behind the heart, some say it is off to one side, and others say it is in front of the heart. But most believe it is located inside the physical heart, and that’s what I believe.

One aspect is clear. It is not the heart chakra.

The Secret of Secrets has been referred in the Jewish tradition as the Secret Chamber of the Heart. The Upanishads, the Hindu sacred texts, refer to it as the Tiny Place Within the Heart. It also is sometimes referred to as the Sacred Space of the Heart, which is the designation I use in my new book.

In truth, there is very little found that has ever been written about this most important part of human experience.

It is apparent that in ancient times, this place within the heart was known and entered into in their ceremonies, for this is still being done today in a few “lost” tribes in remote areas of the world.

In modern times, the HeartMath Institute is the forerunner of research into this ancient knowledge, and at the same time they are finding new information that probably even the Ancient Ones didn’t know.

From my perspective and the view of many indigenous tribes, this Sacred Space within the Heart holds the only possibility of there ever being peace on Earth. All political actions on the Earth are being taken from Duality Consciousness – the result of the Fall – and this form of consciousness is based on ego.

As long as ego runs the course of events in the world, we will never know peace. Ego judges all events as either good or bad from its own viewpoint, and ego always thinks of itself first. As long as ego is safe and comfortable, ego doesn’t usually care what happens to that which seems external to itself.

The Reality Within the Heart
The heart is so different! It perceives the world as an image, not something “real,” and it see everything at once. The heart knows only unity and Oneness, and creates from that way of seeing. It will never do anything that will be harmful to anyone or anything, for it knows that there is not “two.”

All that exists is within the heart. In fact, even if it does not exist, it is still within the heart.

People, in the past myself included, often believe that love is the word for what is connected to the heart space. We celebrate Valentine’s Day with images of a heart representing our connection with with love and our lover.

But from the Sacred Space of the Heart, there are various kinds of love, and the love that we experience between two people is seldom coming from the heart. This kind of love is actually coming from the emotional body and is controlled by the right brain.

These emotional feelings are polarized, just as the brain is, and have an opposite expression – for example, love can become hate.

How often have you kissed someone you love dearly and then ten minutes later, in a moment of heat (heart without an “r”), said, “I hate you!” This is a conditional love. It changes with the moment.

But in the Sacred Space of the Heart there is a different kind of emotional body, so to speak, that does not have a polarized counterpart. This is a LOVE that knows no bounds, has no conditions, and will exist eternally no matter what.

This LOVE knows only Oneness and creates only to bring joy to all life everywhere.

Ever since we fell from our heart to our mind, we have been in hell.

And so I pray that someday soon we all find this place within our hearts, for in this most holy place we all join together as One.

Does this sound like New Age hype, or do you really realize the possibility and power of what many people are saying today about this hidden world of the heart?

All the world’s religions and spiritual disciplines allude to this possibility, but most of them have forgotten how to actually enter this sacred space. These ways, like most of the old ways, have been lost.

But as I said in the beginning, this experience can never be truly lost, for it is the source of humanity and the cosmos itself. It can only be veiled.

As with all natural events in nature, all things have their timing. The return to the heart by humankind is only a matter of time.

And remember, the great achievements of this human world have always began with a single man or woman. If only one person – perhaps you? – were to enter the heart in LOVE and begin the holy dreaming process of creating a new world, can you not see that all the rest of us would someday follow?

A veil is only a veil! The truth is always eternal. Through a single person, the Secret of Secrets could be revealed in the ordinary world of everyday life.

You will realize that I have purposely left out of this article any actual instructions on how to enter the heart consciousness. This is for the same reason that the ancients never, or seldom, wrote down their knowledge. The step-by-step instructions won’t get you there. It’s not something that can be conveyed in the space of an article, and as you will see in reading this magazine, the best anyone can do is help prepare you.

I do pray that what I have done with the new book and CD will be of service. But the truth is that without an experienced teacher and the oral tradition, it is very difficult to truly find this Sacred Space.

So if you still need more help, please go to the schedule of workshops on my personal website at

Even in a living workshop, we take two days of preparation before we try to enter the Sacred Space. But in this context, most problems can be overcome, and the direct experience can usually be achieved.

Drunvalo Melchizedek