He did leave for about 2,000 years and traveled to various planets. He would arrive at a planet and sit there for a hundred years or so, observing and learning how the inhabitants did things. Then he would go to another one, until he finally returned here. His vow was to remain here on Earth until we reached a certain level of consciousness. We have now reached that level, so Thoth left this planet on May 4, 1991.

Evidently, what happened before, during, and after the Gulf War was a culmination of something. The light on the planet is now stronger than the darkness for the first time in 16,000 years. Even though we don’t see it yet, the power balance has shifted and the laws have reversed themselves. Now when negativity resists the light, which is its very nature, instead of overpowering the light it gives more power to the light and we get stronger. So hang on!

Thoth’s most famous act was introducing writing to the planet. He was called “the scribe” in Egypt, for he is the one who wrote all the ancient history down. That is why Drunvalo was sent to him. Most of Drunvalo’s information about us and our history comes from Thoth. Thoth was always quick to point out that he may not have it 100 percent accurate, but his account is probably pretty close to what actually happened.

Drunvalo first met Thoth in 1972. He was studying alchemy-that is, how to turn mercury or lead into gold-not for the purpose of making money but to observe chemical reactions. All chemical reactions have parallels in life somewhere on one level or another. By understanding chemistry and the way atoms combine to form molecules, and how these molecules recombine, you can see in tiny detail how larger operations happen. True alchemy is primarily understanding how our level of consciousness goes into Christ consciousness.

Drunvalo was studying this system with a master. One day they were doing an open-eye meditation. After one hour, Drunvalo’s teacher disappeared from the room. In two to three minutes a completely different body formed right in front of Drunvalo. This person was short, about five-feet-three-inches, and he looked about seventy years old. His appearance was ancient Egyptian and he wore very simple clothing. Drunvalo especially remembers his eyes, which were just like a baby’s, very soft with no judgement.

He told Drnvalo there were three atoms missing in the universe and he wanted Drunvalo to find them. Drunvalo had an experience, which he will not describe, in which he understood what was meant. Thoth bowed, said thank you, and disappeared. A few minutes later the alchemist teacher reappeared. He knew nothing of this; in fact, he thought he had been there the whole time.

Drunvalo didn’t know then that the person that appeared to him was Thoth, and he didn’t see him again until November 1, 1984. At that time they began to communicate regularly over several months.