Reliefs of angels have been discovered in the ancient cities of Mesopotamia and were described on the Sumerian cuneiform cylinders and clay tablets in the oldest writings known to exist on Earth.

Angels are associated with the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic religions, one of the things upon which they all agree. The Jews even categorize the angels into 72 different orders.

And on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, at the Acropolis of Ek Balam, in the Yucatan, we can see reliefs of angels that were carved by the ancient Mayans. In fact, if we were to expand upon the phenomenon of angels in the Ancient World, we would find them embedded in human civilization in a vast array of places and time periods.

So there is historical evidence that angels, or at least beliefs about angels, have been with us for as long as recorded history.

For me, though, it is not a matter of belief. I know for certain of their existence.

My Angelic Encounters

As many of you have read in my first book, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume 1, it was long ago, in 1971, when the angels first came to me.

I was meditating with my wife of that time when they appeared to both of us, unexpectedly, in the room where we were sitting. There were two of them, both very tall, one green and the other an ultraviolet color.

The angels looked at us and spoke to us. They began with these words: “We are not separate from you. We are you.”

From that moment, my life was changed forever. The angels continue to appear to me, and they have been guiding my steps since that day.

Attributes of the Angels

Here are some of the basic facts I have learned about the angels in the past 32 years since they first introduced themselves to me.

1. All human beings have at least two angels directly connected to them. Some of us have many more.

2. Angels have no form. They appear to us differently depending on what and how we believe.

3. Angels use a manifest form as a vehicle to establish communication. This is because it is extremely difficult for us humans to establish communication with “higher” beings and to believe in that communication if we cannot “see” or at least envision who we are speaking with. The image of human-like beings with wings is not the angels’ natural state, but they use this form often because it is so easy for us to accept.

4. Angels live primarily in another dimension, but they can enter this world.

5. The angels that you are connected to literally are you on another level of existence. They are not “something else” or “someone else” separate from you. The angels are who we are.

To me, angels are a part of what many spiritual traditions refer to as the Higher Self. As I have learned, and as I experience, we exist on many other physical levels of life. And the aspects of Self at these other levels are called, collectively, our “Higher Self.”

From this perspective, our Higher Self has a Higher Self, and so on, reaching in a chain all the way to God, the Source of Life.

And the angels are the closest connection to humanity in this chain of consciousness. Also – and perhaps most importantly – of all the higher beings, the angels are the easiest for us to perceive and communicate with.

Jesus, the Son of God, spoke with the angels. So did Moses, Mohammed, and Abraham.

And so can you!

How to Communicate with Angels

Since we have been warned by both the Mayans and the Hopis that the period of time from the middle of August to the end of December 2003 could bring unprecedented Earth Changes (which of course may or may not happen depending upon the collective dream of humanity), perhaps now is an ideal time for you to ask for and receive the assistance and guidance of your own angels.

How do we do it? First, we must accept them as a real possibility, or else our disbelief will stop our consciousness from making the connection. Belief alone is not enough – it only opens us to possibilities – but it is the essential first step.

Secondly, we must engage all three of our primary bodies when we are opening to angelic visitation. If any one of these bodies is not absolutely engaged in the process, nothing will happen. These three primary bodies are the Mental, the Emotional, and the Physical.

• Our Mental Body must open to “see” the angels, but this seeing should now be explained or there will be confusion. “Seeing” may be external – in the 3D space around us – but it doesn’t have to be. It can be internal, in our minds. It doesn’t matter to the angels.

Also, “seeing” for some people involves the feminine way, which is what we call “sensing.” In sensing, one does not actually see the angel visually, but can sense the angel’s presence. And in this sensing, even though we never actually “see” the angels directly, we can communicate completely.

Again, whether we see, sense, or inwardly imagine the angels does not matter. All ways are equally valid, and most people use a little of each.

• The Emotional Body also must be activated. You must feel the emotion – whatever that may be for you – as if the angel or angels were standing in the room or you were seeing them in your inner vision. Without this emotion, nothing will happen.

• Lastly, your Physical Body must be engaged. You must feel the sensations in your body that would be exhibited if an angel physically showed up in your room – the adrenaline flowing in your veins, the accelerated heart rate, and so on.

You say, “How can I do this if my angel or angels do not actually appear?” It does take practice and skill, but without your three bodies participating, it is very unlikely you will be able to make this connection.

In activating all three of your primary bodies at once, you open the channel between you and your angels, and they actually are able to appear or be sensed by you.

Once this has happened even one time, your life will change completely, as your angels – you at a higher level of existence – will be able to guide you in ways that no one else could possibly do.

Angels and the Coming Times

Whatever happens in the next four months, we have apparently entered a time of great change. And in this time, making a connection between you and your angels could very well be the most important occurrence in your life.

Clear and accurate guidance during these times we are now in is worth more than everything you own and all the knowledge you have gained so far.

The angels will bring into your life clear and accurate guidance. But even more importantly, they will bring you a wisdom far beyond the possibilities of the unaided human experience.

My prayer for you is that this connection with your angels be completed as soon as possible. Your angels are waiting with a wide open heart, with a love for you greater than anything you may ever have known on Earth.

In love and service,

Drunvalo Melchizedek