“This workshop was in creation for many years and on one of my journeys to Egypt I got instructions from my guides that it is about time to do it. We never know exactly what our instructions are, but we mostly get the general guidelines. So finally, let it be unhidden what was hidden. The mystery schools are opening up.”

Lu Ka


“This workshop connects the Sacred Space of the Heart, Sacred Geometry through experience of both. Mostly people start to study Sacred Geometry only through the intellectual understanding. On this workshop we will start experiencing Sacred Geometry first and seeing it through our inner eye of the Heart. Our Heart holds the original memory as being part of the Creator. In ancient Egypt and Atlantis the Sacred Geometry was not meant to be only understood, but mostly experienced. It is the universal language, understanding beyond human words, expansion of consciousness. We will explore what we already know and feel, but have maybe forgotten.

Sacred Geometry of the Heart is a totally different workshop I have ever done. It requires a lot of preparations. So I will not be repeating this workshop really often. It is hard to describe the feeling and passion I have for this work. See you in the center of the Flower of Life.”

Lu Ka


This workshop will be an experiential rollercoaster ride. From the little dot to multiverse and hyperspace. No previous experience or study is necessary.

What are we going to experience?

  • Remember the basic understanding of Sacred Geometry and it’s practical values
  • We will be exploring Sacred Geometry through the left brain and right brain, solid and imaginative world
  • Drawing, understanding, coloring, creating, exploring Sacred Geometry
  • Using our imagination to understand, and using our understanding to imagine Sacred Geometry
  • Understanding Universe, Multi-Universe, Parallel realities, Timelines, Incarnation, Spirals of time, Free will, Divine plan, Ascension, Descension, Oneness, Duality, Trinity, Akasha…
  • Connecting to our Heart and Breathing
  • Exercises and meditations
  • Connection between the sound and geometry and numbers
  • Combining Sound, Geometry, Numbers, Vibration
  • And much more

Sacred Geometries that are being drawn and covered in the SGTH workshop:

  • Creation of the Flower of Life (Vesica Piscis, Tripod of Life, Seed of Life, Flower of Life, Full flower of life, Tree of Life)
  • Metatron’s Cube and 5 Platonic solids (Water, Air, Earth, Fire)
  • Cuboctahedron (Vector Equilibrium)
  • Star Tetrahedron aka Merkaba
  • Fibonacci and Golden Mean spiral
  • Tesseract
  • Enneagram and Fingerprint of God (Marko Rodin)
  • Stargates (5 sided Pentagon, 6 sided Hexagon, 7 sided Heptagon, 8 sided Octagon, 9 sided Nonagon, 12 sided Dodecagon)
  • Relationship between Pentagon and Hexagon
  • Lotus (triple Flower of Life)
  • Yin Yang (drawing from the Flower of Life)
  • Mystical Squaring the Circle
  • Vesica Piscis in relationship to PHI
  • Sri Yantra (drawing from the basis of the Flower of Life)

Sacred Geometries 3D shapes that are being covered in the SGTH workshop:

  • Unity Grid (Christ Consciousness)
  • Stellated Dodecahedron, Icosahedron
  • 5 Platonic solids
  • Cuboctahedron
  • Pyramid of Giza
  • 64 Tetrahedron
  • Torus

Sacred Number patterns that are being covered in the SGTH workshop:

  • Fibonacci sequence
  • Doubling sequence
  • Wheel of 24 Fibonacci code
  • Wheel of 60 Fibonacci code
  • Harmonics of 3-6-9 patterns appearing in the Fibonacci sequence, Doubling sequence, Multiplication table
  • Harmonics of 108
  • Harmonics of PHI
  • Magic Squares (basic understanting)
  • Magic Labyrinths (basic understanding)


4x A4 BOOK with theory that we cover on SGTH workshop
1x A3 BOOK with 50+ pages with detailed instructions for drawing
  • 1x A4 BOOK with 50+ pages – Sacred Numbers workbook
1x A3 BOOK a set of maps for cut out and create 3D shapes
1x good quality drawing compass
1x good quality pen
1x pencil eraser
1x pencil sharpener
1x set of drawing pencils
1x 30 cm ruler
1x meditation Mindfold mask
1x Sacred Geometry pencil bag
1x Sacred Geometry meditation hood


Sacred Geometry is not the answer to the Universal questions. It is the key to answers. It is the original blueprint through which everything is communicating between each other. It is the creation of all that is and all that isn’t. We are all connected through one consciousness of Sacred Geometry.

When you study nature, you see patterns everywhere. From the leaves and petals of a flower, wings of the butterfly, spiral in the seashell, shapes of the galaxies, ratios in our bodies. And people started studying these natural patterns and recognizing that perhaps there is a deeper connection between different levels of life. Maybe the universe was created to follow some specific design. This idea goes back as far as humans have been questioning the universe.

Sacred Geometry is the most studied subject in the whole Universe. It includes not only shapes, but also numbers, sound, colors, vibration.

We didn’t invent geometry, or time or numbers. We have discovered them and remembered them. There is a numerological system for everything. The development of creation goes by a pattern of numbers. Numbers are steps of consciousness. They don’t exist.

To experience and understand Sacred Geometry we must use our imagination. Using our imagination will enable us to feel and express geometry into reality.

First there is imagination. Then is understanding. But most people start studying Sacred geometry with understanding. In the beginning was the logos the Big Bang, the primordial OM. The center of the Flower of Life. One single thought created everything. What you see with physical eyes is visual manifestation of Sacred Geometry. Everything, even your thoughts now, is Sacred Geometry.

Reading the Akashic records through Sacred Geometries and using your heart is one of the oldest ways to tune into the universal matrix.

Sacred Geometry is a study of the universal language of truth, harmony, beauty, proportion, rhythm and order. It is a blueprint of creation, an interface between the seen and unseen, the manifest and unmanifest. Sacred Geometry can be defined as an understanding of the underlying numerical and geometric Principles of Creation.

To truly understand Sacred Geometry we have to understand that everything in the universe is made up of energy and it is in a continual state of transformation. All actions obey distinct patterns, and Sacred Geometry describes these laws.

It is a pathway to understanding who you are, where you are from and where you are going.

It is also a language of symbols, light and art operating via the Right Hemisphere of the Brain that understands Pictures, Colors, Shape, and Holographs.

The Ancients such as the Egyptians, Sumerians, Greek, Tibetan, and Mayans … incorporated Sacred Geometry teachings into their mystery schools.  These once closely held secrets were transmitted through the studies of Vedic philosophy, Feng Shui and Taoist philosophy, Western Alchemy, Freemasonry, and the Rosicrucian movement. Their initiates had to learn the Alchemy of the Soul.

It also involved the study of the Stars and star maps and therefore connected us to the big Picture or Macrocosm, which our Ancestors believed was a mirror of the Small, Atomic, D.N.A Picture or Microcosm. Hence the famous saying “As Above, so below.”

Sacred Geometry is the Language of Shape, vibration and symmetry. From the mosaics of Sufi Art, the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, the Mandela’s of Vedic Philosophy, to the calendars of the Aztecs and mystery schools and secret societies in the western world, to the medicines of India, Tibet, China, Celtic and Druid – Sacred Geometry has long bridged the world of spirit and matter. It continues to play an integral role in the traditions of art, architecture, science and cutting-edge physics, alchemy, Feng Shui, geomancy, music and mathematics.

“An image is only perceived by imagining because an image is not what one sees but the way one sees.”

All is connected…

From electrons to galaxies – the cosmos is drawn and bound together by geometry. We are each made up of billions of little sacred geometric forms which are  vibrating energy. And the connection of this energy is governed by the same Sacred geometries all over the universe.

111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999…… 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 ,55, 89, 144…. 0, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128….. 0, 3, 6, 9, 3, 6, 9, 3, 6, 9 …1,618 ..  What do all these numbers mean? It is a map of the Universe, geometrical order, the inner and outer connection, a roadmap of Ascension …
 Why are there 7 days of the week? Why do we have 7 chakras? Or are there 13? Why are there 52 cards in the deck?

Why are we talking about 12 Archangels? Why are there 5 elements in Alchemy? Why are there 12 divisions of the zodiac? Why did Jesus have 12 disciples? Why are we turning to the 4 cardinal directions when we are opening the sacred space? What is the holy trinity 3? Why is I Ching Hexagram divided into 64 divisions? Why are we singing OM 108 times. Why do we have 5 fingers and not 7? Why does the circle have 360 degrees? We will see exactly why.

“Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci


We exist in a sea of waves, our brain is like a radio with multi-dimensional antennas capable of playing all stations at the same time.
Our Consciousness is a dimensional ladder, a musical instrument, always being able to tune to different frequencies.
We don’t perceive reality from up or down, left or right, front or back. But from inside out only.


Let’s explore the sounds of our bodies. The Chakras have their tones. The bones, hormones, heart, brain and the nervous system are playing a melody and a rhytm. Melody and the rhytm as a balanced instrument.
“At the beginning there was a word. And the word was OM.”


What if everything you can imagine you didn’t imagine at all? What if all reality is just an idea being downloaded and projected outside of you?

“We are just imagining that something exists outside of us.”

SACRED GEOMETRY and how everything got from nothing into where are we now

Understanding the universe means understanding yourself. Remember who you really are. You are Infinite consciousness traveling through different variations of yourself.

“God/Goddess wanted to see herself/himself. That is why he/she created a mirror of himself/herself.”


This is a workshop, where you remember that everything is Sacred Geometry. How to see beyond the mists of the mind. To see beyond the veil.

We don’t need to learn from anybody how to return to the heart. We are already there. We don’t need to learn to meditate, because we are meditation. We don’t need to learn sacred geometry, because we are sacred geometry. We are just remembering what we already know. Knew before. But only forgotten.

We will be seeing, drawing, creating, visualizing, and manifesting Sacred Geometry.

World of Sacred Geometry is like a dream world, which has always been there. We will connect with our oldest and truest point of consciousness. The center of the Flower of Life. The creation point of Sri Yantra. The ancient vibration of the Source.

Everything around us is an image. Image projected by our visual cortex. And everything around us is Sacred Geometry, being translated into the language of human mind. What is the world beyond human mind?

»Metatron’s Cube is teaching us, that when we change, the Matrix changes. Outside world does not exist without us. When we manifested ourselves we started to create a part of our own matrix. When we get free from the bonds of the matrix, all is left are images and dreams. When we figure out what the dreams are, we become the Silent Dreamer. And we are God, The Source, and the Dreamer. We are Source. We are nothing and we are the Source at the same time. You and me are Source, God in a different form, different role, experiencing a different matrix. When we go up the ladder we recognize there is nothing above us anymore. When we come to the top, there is nobody above us. Only a little veil is a boundary between us and the Source. And because time does not exist we are Source and human at the same time.  We couldn’t be here if we wouldn’t have a divine spark inside of us. Everybody around us is a hologram. Nobody, not even us, is real. We are all only images we have created as the Source. We are mirror of ourselves and everybody is a mirror of themselves. And we are a mirror of each other. What we see outside is a mirror of Source. The Earth, Sun, Galaxy is a mirror of the Source. The Source is behind all the holograms and we are this Source. Metatron’s Cube gives us the key of understanding through geometric patterns. If we connect all 13 circles we get the perfect image of ourselves. That is why this symbol brings us back to Remembering of who we were, before we came here. Metatron’s Cube means: Beyond the Matrix.«

Lu Ka